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Street Stalker Florida Heat Mystery Book 3

Halloween night has come and gone but evil still stalks the streets. Now, with the clock ticking, Detectives Kate Snow and Mitch Sullivan find themselves caught up in a web of deceit that reaches from the local courthouse all the way to the Ukraine. Children are missing. A maniacal killer is on the loose, and time is running out for everyone.

Deadly Revenge Florida Heat Mystery Book 2

The hurricane had passed leaving in its wake death and destruction. But for Detective Kate Snow and her new partner Mitch Sullivan, it wasn’t the hurricane they thought about as they stood in the graveyard and watched the coffin being lowered into the ground. Someone was killing teachers, and it wasn’t Mother Nature.Emma Wakefield, the proprietress of Wakefield House, is used to unusual guests. She’s delighted to have Colin Murphy, artist, and illustrator for Forest and Stream Magazine, as one of her boarders.

Florida Heat Florida Heat Mystery Book 1

Florida heat is murder – and in FLORIDA HEAT the bodies are stacking up at an alarming rate. From the moment Probation Officer Jo Cazimer witnesses a murder her life is in jeopardy. Working with her best friend Detective Kate Snow they struggle to identify the killer. But in Florida the snakes slither, the gators are hungry and a serial killer is on the loose.

Falcon's Curse

The daughter of Falcon, an infamous pirate, Samantha is dubbed his curse for not being born a son. He tolerates her presence because Samantha is blessed with ‘the sight.’ Her uncanny knack of knowing which ships to hit make Falcon’s coffers grow. But Falcon is never content.

Samantha falls in love with a face that appears nightly in her dreams. But her heart will break when she learns the face belongs to Alex Cortland, the man who sets the trap that takes her father’s life. Determined to ruin him, Samantha sets out and becomes known as the “Ghost of Falcon.”

When they finally meet face to face, Alex is determined to extract a revenge of his own, even if he needs to marry Samantha in the process. As her husband, he will now have total control. Revenge will be sweet. But who will be the ultimate victor?

Bewitching Kisses

Betrayed by a greedy half-brother who coveted her inheritance, then accused by her superstitious Salem neighbors of practicing witchcraft, Sarah Townsend found herself kidnapped, sold into bondage, and thrown into the hold of a ship bound for Williamsburg, Virginia. A Puritan, who believes that to show one’s bare arm is a sin, now finds herself in Williamsburg where the residents strive to follow the latest fashions in London.

Nicholas Beaumont, renowned shipping magnate, is determined to discover who is stealing cargo from his ships. But he never expected to find a waterlogged Sarah claiming to have been abducted. Is she the innocent angel he thought… or the seductive witch she was accused of being?

Silver Flames A National Reader's Choice Award Winner

Williamsburg’s most eligible bachelor and master silversmith, Christopher Carlson, was a content man…until a mysterious fire destroyed his new shop. Forced to seek temporary lodging at the Stag’s Head Tavern, Christopher was in for another disappointment: the lovely innkeeper expressed her sympathy, but refused his advances – something no woman had ever done before.

Abigail Barclay lead a very hard life and cruel life. With her husband’s recent death, Abby inherits their tavern in colonial Middle Plantation, Virginia. Now as an independent woman of property, Abby believes she is safe from men and vows to remain unmarried. But when the handsome Christopher Carlson moves into the Tavern, Abby soon learns that he wants more than food and shelter.

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