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Deadly Deception Old City Mysteries (Book 1)

anuary 1880 – Florida  

St. Augustine is one of America’s oldest cities. In this quaint town is Mrs. Emma Wakefield (widowed.) She is the proprietress of Wakefield House on Charlotte Street. Emma’s boarders are often eccentric. Aunt Daisy Bennett talks to the resident ghost. Dr. Alexander Grayson has feelings for Emma, as does a certain detective, and both keep their feelings to themselves – for now. In addition, the Milksops brought their cat, Bandit, to whom nothing is sacred.

For someone so young, the character of Emma has a sensible head on her shoulders. The woman actually THINKS, which is something I do not see in many historical mysteries written these days. The author keeps everything accurate for the story’s timeline. (If it should not happen in 1880, then it does not happen in this story.)

The author’s writing style is easy to read and flows so smoothly that I got lost in the book for hours at a time. The world just faded away.  This shows such talent in an author, in my humble opinion. I foresee awards in this author’s future. You can bet that I will be keeping a close eye on her future releases.

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

Tragic Treasure Old City Mysteries (Book 2)

February 1880 – St. Augustine, Florida

Since her husband died, Emma Wakefield has turned her home into a boarding house. Currently, Wakefield House is filled to capacity. With the recent death of one of the housemaids, everyone is having to pitch in and do more than their fair share. So when Mrs. Rebecca Jackson walks up to Emma with her young daughter, Jane, and seeks employment, Emma hires her. Rebecca is a tutor and the position of housemaid is considered to be below her station, yet she is grateful for the work.

Things heat up when a fire in an abandoned house reveals a body and the body shows clear signs of having been murdered. Detective Matthew Stark and Doctor Alexander Grayson join forces in an effort to solve the crime.

Though the leader of the counterfeit ring is gone, that in no way means that the counterfeiting has ceased. This investigation is just as important to the town as the murder. But these are not the only problems Emma faces. Someone sets fire to her shed. And just as it seems things might be calming down, another murder occurs.

Rainy Kirkland is a wonderful storyteller who writes fascinating tales that will keep readers up long into the night. (Yet the drowsiness experienced the next morning is totally worth it!) I am eager for the next installment of Emma Wakefield’s adventures.

Reviewed by Detra Fitch

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